Vermicelli White 1kg


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100% white Belgian chocolate.
Hundred-and-thousands to some, vermicelli to others, sprinkles to many more: there is only one kind of vermicelli that tastes so creamy and that has this kind of crunch, and that's Vermicelli White.
Made of creamy Callebaut white chocolate, they're simply too good to leave untouched. They have a creamy milk taste with sweet caramelly notes. They take you by surprise with a very pleasant crunch and an incredible gloss.
The gloss is obtained 100% naturally (without the addition of shining agents) through intensive panning. Generously poured on a slice of bread or fabulously sprinkled on top of a wonderful dessert, these Vermicelli will definitely enhance the taste sensation. But there's even more you can do with them of course.
They're indispensable when rolling truffles and brigadeiros. They're exciting on ice creams and drinks. And they're absolutely awesome on pastries.