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Mona Lisa Curved Dark Chocolate Shavings 2.5kg Mona Lisa

Dark Chocolate Curved Shavings are finely rolled chocolates made from delicious Callebaut Dark Chocolate.


Callebaut 900g dark chocolate pencils 20cm Callebaut

Elegantly snappy dark chocolate that melts on the tongue.


Blanched Flaked Almonds 1kg Atlas

Add flavour and texture to your confectionery, desserts, bakery goods and cereal mixes.


Dawn Strawberry Compound Flavouring 1KG Dawn

Compounds are perfect for creating a variety of enticing tastes and colours to elevate your bakery creations. They can be used with nearly any baked goods including frostings, fillings, creams, ice creams, chocolate or praline fillings, dairy products, milk shakes and more!


Dawn Premium Flavouring Bari Bitter Almond 1KG Dawn

Bake/freeze/thaw stable almond liquid flavouring

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