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Callebaut Power 80 Dark chocolate (80%) Callets 2.5kg Callebaut

Finest Belgian Chocolate – Dark
POWER 80 More cocoa. More intensity. 63% less sugar.


Van Houten White Chocolate Drink Powder 750gm Van Houten

Experience a new world of flavours ground white chocolate for drinks


1L Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Extract with Seeds Prova

Premium quality bourbon Madagascar vanilla extract with added vanilla seeds


Dawn Mocha Compound Flavouring 1KG Dawn

Compounds are perfect for creating a variety of enticing tastes and colours to elevate your bakery creations. They can be used with nearly any baked goods including frostings, fillings, creams, ice creams, chocolate or praline fillings, dairy products, milk shakes and more!


Atlas White Chocolate Mini Curls/Blossoms 2kg Atlas

These mini curls/blossoms are like tiny white chocolate petals. Perfect for adding that decorative finishing touch to your creations.


Milk Chocolate Ice Cream Flake Sticks 1.12kg (140 pieces) 7.5cm Lissiter's

Delicious crumbly milk chocolate flakes. Ideal for use in 99 ice cream cones and other desserts. Or simple enjoyed of there own as a snack.

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