The website ( (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Website’) is the property of RANSON NV UK LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as ‘RANSON’).

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1. General

By accessing and using the website the user expressly accepts the Conditions of Use, without reservation, and undertakes to abide by them. A ‘user’ (hereinafter also referred to as ‘you’) within the meaning of these Conditions of Use is anyone who visits our website and uses it to collect information, regardless of whether or not they register.

The user is also deemed to read our Privacy Statement and take cognisance of all other rights and obligations that are clearly mentioned on the website.

Ranson reserves the right to change the provisions of these Conditions of Use, and the user is asked to read them before each use.

2. Registration

Registration may be required. Users who wish to obtain access to certain functionalities and specific information on our website need to register. In order to register, the user must at least have reached the age of 18. Ranson shall be completely free to determine the conditions for registration at its own discretion, and to modify these at any time.

Registration by a minor (<18 years old) is only allowed after express permission from the parent(s) or legal guardian.

During registration the user must create a personal profile (hereinafter referred to as ‘user profile’) based on correct, truthful, up-to-date and complete information. Depending on the capacity of the user, it may be absolutely necessary to include certain information.

This obligation applies both at the moment of creation of the user profile and in the future. It is the user's sole responsibility to correct or delete outdated information.

Each user profile is strictly individual, personal and confidential. The user is not allowed to transfer his/her user profile to third parties without express permission from Ranson. The user shall be solely responsible for all actions performed with the user profile and shall also ensure the confidentiality of the user profile, including the login data.

The user must report any breach of the confidential nature of his/her user profile to Ranson. In such case, Ranson shall take the necessary steps to restore confidentiality.

3. Limitations of the right of use

The right of use is limited in the sense that the user must refrain from actions that have or could have a harmful impact on the proper functioning and the security of the website and its other users and/or the use thereof. The use of the website must not be contrary to these Conditions of Use, applicable law, third-party rights and the generally accepted Internet code of conduct.

The following actions are strictly prohibited:

  • Using software programmes aimed at collecting and obtaining data, including spiders, crawlers, robots and similar software. This summary is in no way exhaustive.
  • Using the website and its data for spamming, chain letters, junk mail and/or similar variants.
  • Stalking and/or trying to convince other users of political and/or religious beliefs.
  • Accessing user profiles of other users without permission.
  • Using a false identity and/or false data during registration.

The above summary is in no way exhaustive.

4. Measures

Ranson reserves the right to adopt any reasonable and appropriate measures if the user acts contrary to these Conditions of Use and/or applicable law, third-party rights or the generally accepted Internet code of conduct. Ranson shall have ample choice when it comes to the adoption of a sanction and remediation measure and the scope of that measure. However, measures must always be in proportion to the breach.

For instance, Ranson may suspend the right of use, temporarily and/or permanently, and/or eliminate the user profile. Ranson may also limit the user's general access and access to functionalities on the website, either entirely or in part, temporarily or permanently.

When required by the circumstances, these measures may be taken without any prior warning or notification. In no case shall the user be entitled to claim a reimbursement or damages in relation the measures taken.

If the user is of the opinion that the measure adopted is inappropriate or unjustified, he/she shall inform Ranson of this within fifteen (15) calendar days after the measures is imposed. Ranson shall consider the arguments, without however being under the obligation to undo the initial measures.

5. Limitation of liability

All information on this website is of a general nature. The information has not been adapted to circumstances that are specific or unique to a person or entity. The user must not regard this information as personal, professional or legal advice or anything similar. Any use made by the user of the information on the website and the website itself shall be at the user's own risk.

Ranson strives to ensure that all information is as complete, accurate, clear and up-to-date as possible. Ranson does not guarantee that the information provided is complete, correct, accurate or up-to-date. If the user detects inaccuracies, they can contact the web manager.

Ranson cannot be held liable for incorrect or erroneous data on the website or in mailings, even when these result from serious or repeated errors caused by the website, viruses, computer crime or e-crime, and even if Ranson had been warned about such damage. Ranson cannot be held liable for the failure or malfunction of the system for contacting. Ranson shall not be liable for any possible transfer of viruses via the website.

Ranson cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the information provided on this website or from the use of the website itself.

Ranson may, at any time, adapt, modify and/or complete the content of the website and the website itself, announcing or notifying this. Ranson does not guarantee the proper functioning of the website and can in no way be held liable for the poor functioning or temporary unavailability of the website or for any form of (in)direct damage resulting from the access to or use of the website and information published on it.

Ranson cannot be held liable, in any case or by anyone, either directly or indirectly, for any damage arising from the use of this website or any other website, in particular as a result of links or hyperlinks, including any losses, interruptions of business, damage to programmes or other data in the computer system, hardware, software or other property of the user.

The website may provide hyperlinks to external websites or pages belonging to third parties or its partners, or include indirect references to such websites or pages. The placing of links to such websites or pages shall in no way be construed as an implicit endorsement of the contents of those websites or pages by Ranson.

Ranson expressly declares that it has no influence over the content or other characteristics of these websites and that in no case it can be held liable for the content or other characteristics thereof or for any other form of damage as a result of their use.

6. Intellectual property rights

Creativity deserves protection, and our website and its content are no exception. This protection is provided by intellectual property rights and all beneficiaries are entitled to it, i.e. Ranson and third parties. Content refers to the very broad category of photos, video, audio, text, ideas, notes, drawings, articles, et cetera. All of this content is protected by copyright, software rights, database rights, rights related to drawings and models and other applicable (intellectual) property rights. The technical nature of our website itself is protected by copyright, software rights and database rights. Ranson (TM), its tag lines, logo(s), colour combination and any trade name we use on our Platform are also protected by the applicable intellectual property right. We therefore ask our users not to use and/or modify the intellectual property described in this section without permission from the beneficiary.

The user undertakes not to breach the intellectual property rights of Ranson or any other party in any way. If the user breaches intellectual property rights belonging to third parties, this breach can never be attributed to Ranson. Any de facto or legal consequences shall therefore be entirely for the user's account.

7. Protection of personal data

Although most information on the website is available without the need for the user to provide personal data, the user may be asked to provide personal information. We process these personal data in accordance with our privacy statement.

8. Use of cookies

We use cookies on our website. You can read more about this in our cookie policy.

9. Miscellaneous provisions

Ranson reserves the right to modify, expand, reduce or stop the website at any time. The exercise of this right does not require any prior notification to the user, nor does it give rise to damages.

If the effect or validity of one or more of the above provisions of these Conditions of Use should be undermined, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this agreement. In such case, we shall be entitled to replace the provision concerned with a valid provision with a similar meaning.

All titles we use in our Conditions of Use are purely by way of illustration. This means no legal value can be attributed to them. 

10. Applicable law and competent courts

These Conditions of Use shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with Belgian law.

In case of a dispute regarding the performance of this agreement, the parties shall be expected to do everything in their power to reach an amicable settlement. Any disputes shall fall under the jurisdiction of the court that has jurisdiction over the place where our registered office is located.