Callebaut Orange Coloured & Flavoured Chocolate Callets 2.5kg


  • 00005916 call 2 5kg orange callets


Orange taste and orange colour.
Live life in colour. Here's a great chocolate to sign off your creations with a surprising dash of colour and flavour. Orange Callets, made with Callebaut Belgian white chocolate, combine a creamy and caramelly sweet taste with the bittersweet taste of oranges.
With their standard fluidity, you can use Orange Callets for the same wide variety of applications. You can use them for adding coloured details to hollow figures and pralines or create small coloured decorations. And they're wonderful for flavouring crèmes and mousses with a refreshing twist. Melting, tempering and cooling work in exactly the same way as Callebaut classic white chocolates.
Orange Callets are made with 100% AZO-free colours.